Welcome to K. Donnelly Communications!

Back in the early 1980s, in Pittsburgh, PA, I went from free-lancing to running my own company, K. Donnelly Communications, providing marketing and public relations services to arts and health care organizations. Altho I eventually sold the business to a local agency, I kept the name. In the intervening years, I have used the sole proprietorship imprint to publish the series of Gypsy Teacher ‘blooks’ [books of my blogs, available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?keyWords=gypsy+teacher&categoryId=100501%5D, as well as give presentations and publish about the ‘Such Friends’ [www.suchfriends.wordpress.com] whom I have researched.

While still teaching at Birmingham [UK] City University, I am now ‘sliding into home plate,’ as we say in baseball. As part of my ‘phased retirement’ from full-time academia, I am reactivating K. Donnelly Communications to pull together all of the activities I plan to expand: consulting on marketing for small businesses and non-profit organizations, writing, editing, proofreading, and anything needed related to communications and making people more creative.

As a good marketer, my first job is–well, to set up this web page. And now I have to pick a logo. Wordpress won’t let me use different typefaces in this post, but if you send me an email at kdonnellycom@aol.com, I will send you my alternatives and you can help me choose one. In return for your vote before the end of September, I’ll offer you the opportunity to take me to lunch and pick my brain about any of your marketing needs. How’s that for a deal?!

Looking forward to working with you in the future…


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