K. Donnelly Communications—Rebooted

As of 1st February, I am officially fully retired from my post as Senior Lecturer in the Business School and School of Media in Birmingham [UK] City University.

However, I prefer to define it as a return to my free-lancing life—now known as the ‘gig’ economy—with the US Social Security Administration as my most lucrative client. And a return to BCU as a Visiting Lecturer in March.

So, as my friend Maura often posts, What have you got for me Universe?! I’m available!

Need some marketing advice on your next project? [Buy me lunch.]

Need someone to sit in your house and wait for the delivery guy? [Do you have cable?]

Need some copyediting or proofreading? #yetanotherreason #whyyouneedacopyeditor

Need a speaker for your group about my fascinating writers, and the times and places in which they lived? www.suchfriends.wordpress.com.

Better yet, need a personal tour guide to the city homes and country homes where they ‘hung out’ together—Ireland, England, France, America?

Or do you need to trace your own Irish roots and then drive around with a local trying to meet them? Have I got a tour guide for you—right Tony Dixon?

Maybe you need someone to teach in exotic locales. Like…Pittsburgh!

Or recruit students from around the globe?

Or another creative activity that K. Donnelly Communications hasn’t even thought of yet?

I’m available!

And at reasonable rates.

We can provide samples and estimates up front, as well as glowing references. Email me at kdonnellycom@aol.com, or post a comment below.


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