‘What a great client!’

In this business, you don’t always get to say that.

But here at K. Donnelly Communications’ world headquarters, we’ve just finished a terrific project with a terrific team.

Through mutual friends, Jim Kwaiser, founder and owner of western Pennsylvania-based consulting firm. C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E.S., Inc., contacted us for help with a book he was working on, Transforming Family Businesses:  From Dysfunctional to Extraordinary.

Jim and his wife Ann have consulted with family businesses for over 60 years. Designed to provide guidelines for all types of families in business, Transforming Family Businesses, available on Amazon in print or e-versions, contains Jim’s valuable advice gained from years of experience. Real-life stories of families are used to illustrate the principles discussed in the book, and it is definitely a subject I am personally interested in, having grown up in a family business myself.

We base our philosophy on putting ‘family first,’” says Jim. “And that is the theme of the book. We have found this to be the key to move families and their businesses from dysfunctional to extraordinary. And it can be done.”

When Jim contacted us, he had already written ten or so chapters of the book; he needed help with editing, proofreading, and shaping the structure.

K. Donnelly Communications went to work!

Over a few months, thanks to email, internet, and Track Changes, drafts of the chapters went back and forth. And with each exchange we both felt that the final work was improved.

Jim found Lisa Thomson of BZ Studio near Atlanta, Georgia, who was invaluable in designing the look of the book, choosing the typefaces and adding photos. Jim completed the production process by publishing Transforming Family Businesses on Amazon through their CreateSpace service. It looks great!

TransformingFamilyBusinesses Cover (1)

Previously, K. Donnelly Communications had helped our friend Howard J. Manns, also from Pennsylvania and a great client, with his two self-published books, What the Doctor Orders, about his specialty, health care marketing, and Success and Lunacy, about his other specialty, his nutso life.

The moral of the story is that you can do it too! Have you always felt you had a book in you? Self-publishing services, like Lulu and CreateSpace, make it economical to publish yourself.

But anyone who has been through the process will give you the same advice:  Hire professional help.

You may need someone to write the book initially, but you definitely will need someone to work on the copy and form it, visually, into a viable, professional, product in print and online. You can get some ideas of costs here.

Our motto at K. Donnelly Communications is:  Yet another reason why you need a copy editor.

So if you’re thinking of becoming a publisher, get in touch. We could help you too.

Or maybe you have just published a book and want some advice on how to market it? Let’s do lunch…

Thanks, Jim!




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