About K. Donnelly Communications

K. Donnelly Communications has been owned and operated by Kathleen Dixon Donnelly, Ph.D., since 1980.

Starting as a typesetter on an alternative weekly, Kathleen moved swiftly to proofreader, copy editor, reporter, paste-up artist and events editor. After working as Publications Coordinator in a major urban health care system, she left to establish her own public relations and marketing consultancy, specializing in arts and health care projects.

Her thesis for her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Duquesne University, in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, Manager as Muse, was on the topic of managing creative people, a case study of Scribner’s editor Maxwell Perkins’s work with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Wolfe, which is available on Amazon. ‘Such Friends,’ her Ph.D. in Communications, from Dublin City University in Ireland, was on early 20th century writers’ salons. The stories of the writers are posted regularly on http://www.suchfriends.wordpress.com.

Dr. Donnelly has applied her studies of creative people to teaching and training in public relations and marketing for universities and corporations, and on Semester at Sea where she adapted her creativity and communications courses to include assignments in European and Asian ports.

As Senior Lecturer in Public Relations in the Business School and the Media School at Birmingham City [UK] University, she taught for the Chartered Institute in Public Relations [CIPR] Diploma program and the MA in Public Relations. Dr. Donnelly also completed a Master’s in Education as well as the National Academy of Writing [NAW] diploma program at the university. Her pieces ‘Packing My Students Away’ and ‘On Seeing Picasso’s Portrait of Gertrude Stein for the Second Time, June 9, 2002’ were included in the first and third anthologies of the NAW program.

Dr. Donnelly has given ‘Such Friends’ presentations on early 20th century writers, including film showings, for lifelong learning programs, museums and libraries in the US and the UK. She has also led informal ‘Such Friends’ walking tours of the Left Bank of Paris and the Bloomsbury area of London, and organized ‘Such Friends’ tours of Ireland for the 100th anniversaries of James Joyce’s Bloomsday and the Abbey Theatre, and of Bloomsbury sites in Sussex. You can follow her writers @SuchFriends.

Dr. Donnelly began blogging in 2002 and has self-published ‘blooks’ of her blogs as part of her Gypsy Teacher series chronicling her travels. These are available at www.lulu.com/spotlight/gypsyteacher, and you can follow her @gypsyteacher1.

Recently retired from BCU, she lives with her Irish husband, Tony Dixon, and their cats William Butler Yeats (Willie) and Lady Augusta Gregory (Gussie), in Birmingham, UK. She is available for projects large and small in most civilized countries.

And I am just thrilled that you read this far. E-mail me and tell me what you think:  kdonnellycom@aol.com.


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